An Intimate Conversation

I dreamt that I was at a dinner party and Trump was there. It was pleasant. After a while I got up to go sit away from the table and Trump came over and sat next to me. I asked him a question about how he felt or thought and he answered it deeply. We talked for a while. I felt close to him; it was a genuine and intimate conversation. It turned into a bed and we fell asleep. I woke once and he had thrown his leg over me. I went back to sleep. I awoke and he was sleeping sprawled on top of me. This didn’t feel sexy, just close. He got up and was still in his clothes from the night before. He was saying that he would set up a house for me.

From a 62-year old woman in Oklahoma. Dreamer’s comments: “I’m an independent, self-sufficient professor, so this dream is weird as to the role I was cast; let alone Trump. I fell asleep laughing at funny tweets about Trump’s performance at the debate. I guess I have to remember that he has feelings too even if he’s narcissistic.”

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