Going for a Ride

I was the passenger in a big car with Trump driving, maybe an old Lincoln. A lady was in the back seat not sure who. We were comfortably talking. As we traveled, I felt a sexual desire for Trump that surprised me. I don’t like Trump. But in the dream he was a nice guy. He parked the car in an underground garage. I asked him if he needed protection and he said no. He sat on a curb in the garage and a few passersby recognized him and started talking with him. He was smiling and very regular. I was quite stunned at how likable he was.

From a 53-year old woman in Florida. Dreamer’s comments: “I am recently widowed and thinking of what type of partner I may be attracted to someday. Yesterday I met a very nice wealthy man and intuitively knew I could attract such a person. Dreaming about Trump affirmed my comfort with being with a nice wealthy man, someone I could be comfortable with, who wasn’t an asshole even though he was successful.”

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