In my dream my wife and I are traveling in Germany and stop at a McDonald’s. I try to order in German, with very poor results. The woman behind the counter rolls her eyes at me and then responds in English, French and Italian, obviously trying to show me how multicultural she and other Europeans are as compared to boorish Americans. Trying to get back at her, I ask her in broken Pig Latin if she understands me. To my dismay she responds in fluent Pig Latin. Desperate to retaliate in some way and wipe off the smug look on her face I look her squarely in the eye and defiantly state, “Adolf Hitler!” She is momentarily stunned, but then the smug look quickly returns and she fires back, “Donald Trump!” All I can say back to her is “Ah, touché.” At this point I woke up, literally laughing out loud, which has never happened to me before.

From a 51-year old man in Illinois. Dreamer’s comments: “No idea what it means other than my firm belief that Donald Trump’s media exposure reaffirms the Western World’s perception that Americans are loud and obnoxious.”

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